Covid Etiquette

  1. 1. All gym and class slots MUST be booked through our app. Gym sessions will run on the hour and last for one hour only. There will be NO extension or over running of time slots.
  2. 2. Members will be permitted to book 3 sessions per week on the gym floor together with 3 classes per week. This will continue to be monitored and as we progress and adapt the number of sessions will be Increased.
  3. 3. Entrance to the gym will be the main doors only. Members are asked to queue (maintaining social distance) until a staff members permits them entry. Class goers will queue to the left hand side of the main entrance while gym goers will queue Upon entry Members will travel over a disinfectant mat to sterilize footwear. All members must use the hand santising station provided and thereafter swipe in. Members will not exit via reception and will be directed to another door. Class atendees will leave through Fire Exit door opposite the ladies bathroom.
  4. 4. No member will be permitted to train without firstly returning the Covid Declaration.
  5. 5. Lockers, changing rooms and showers will no longer be available, members must arrive ready to train. Smaller lockers at reception will be available for keys etc. All other personal effects will not be permitted into the gym.
  6. 6. There will be no water fountain available.
  7. 7. No member is to enter behind reception. No glasses, cups or spoons will be provided for pre-workouts.
  8. 8. All members will be required to bring a towel large enough to cover the machine they are using together with a towel for wiping all equipment to include machines, dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells. Members are asked to use the cleanings sprays located at “Cleaning Stations throughout the gym. Class goers are to follow same procedure.
  9. 9. Bins will provided throughout the facility. Bins marked "COVID" will strictly be for the disposal of maks, gloves, wipes and tissues.
  10. 10. No more than 3 members can be in the bathrooms at one time. If there are 3 people inside please wait outside the door until one person leaves.
  11. 11. No gym mats will be provided by the Fitness Habit. Members must bring their own.
  12. 12. Any benches in a taped area are NOT to be moved from the said area.
  13. 13. Please respect your fellow members, maintain social distancing.
  14. 14. Given the restricted training times, members are only permitted 30 mins (MAX) on each piece of equipment. This includes the squat racks , deadlifting platform and bench press. This is irrespective of whether the gym is quiet. You will be asked to leave the piece of equipment by the staff member in charge should you carry on over your 30 min limited.
  15. 15. Any member found to be breaching any of the above will be given a one week suspension witha full revocaton of membership for a second offence.